5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage Your Career


In a recent Forbes article entitled “Careers Are Dead. Welcome to Your Low-Wage, Temp Work Future,” the writer J. Maureen Henderson suggests that careers are dead; and therefore, Gen Y is doomed to low paying jobs at the mall! The basics of this article have been written time and time again. The same thing was said when the Boomers started working in the 60’s and 70’s, and again when Gen X started working in the 80’s and early 90’s.
This is the type of statistical-based article that some young people will read and use as a crutch not to look for more meaningful work with better benefits and pay. Others will say forget about the corporate world I will make my own way. And yet others, against all odds will become stars in the corporate world. There will always be those that fall behind and those that will succeed and triumph regardless of the ups and downs of the economy.
For those that want to throw the statistics and fear mongering in the garbage, I would like to suggest five simple steps you can take to manage your career and navigate the path to your individual success regardless of how you define it.
5 Simple Steps To Help You Manage Your Career
Gain Insight About Yourself:  Assess and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, interests, and values.
Express Your Value Proposition:  Understand the external environment and what you bring to the table.
Develop Your Brand: Learn to clearly define and articulate your brand.
Build Your Network: Networking is the key to career success and has been for generations; this is a skill you need to learn.
Set and Share Your Goals: The more people that know where you are going the more people that can support, mentor, and lend a hand.
Every generation has its struggles in the job market including dealing with the annoying generation ahead of them in the workplace that seems to be slowing down their progress because they won’t move on or retire fast enough. And inevitably each generation will eventually come to a place where they hear about the struggle of the generation behind them.